Our services have been developed to assist businesses in managing their human resource functions. They have been designed to provide the highest level of technical support and includes:


These supports have been developed to provide businesses with a cost-effective alternative to completing their own recruitment and selection processes.

As a recruitment/selection support, we will:

  • Develop a concise, accurate job description of the position for which you are hiring. This allows you to successfully communicate the duties, supervisory responsibilities, educational requirements, physical demands, and work environment that your new employee will be subject to. A well-prepared job description will also improve employee orientation and provide you with the information you need to create an effective career advertisement.
  • Handle your recruitment advertising, creating a layer between your organization and current/future customers.
  • Provide access to qualified candidates, both employed and under-employed, seeking the opportunity to bring their verified skills to your organization. Determine the size of your short list, and we’ll provide the best candidates available from our cross-Canada database of potential employees. If we don’t have the right individual available, we’ll source the best possible candidate.
  • Provide a list of effective, objective interview questions and job simulations, eliminating the “yes or no” answers you may be currently receiving in candidate interviews.
  • Administer an assortment of personality and behavioral tests that will allow you to better understand potential candidates. We can also administer skills-based tests that we develop based on the specific job requirements.
  • Create and administer objective, situation-based reference checks resulting in accuracy and less bias.
  • Guarantee our results.


Our temporary employment services are customized to meet each organization’s specific needs. We can provide skilled individuals to assist during peak times or to cover for vacations and various leaves. Our qualified pool of candidates has diverse experience levels in various industries, and can help reduce the impact of staffing fluctuations. West-Can Human Resource Solutions takes full responsibility for dealing with performance issues, developing and collecting time sheets, collecting and remitting payroll deductions including income tax, CPP, EI, and Workers Compensation costs, and issuing of paycheques and records of employment. Our temporary employees can also provide an ongoing pool of potential candidates for permanent employment with our temp-to-hire services.


By providing an outside perspective, West-Can Human Resource Solutions has been able to assist many organizations in identifying areas where higher efficiencies can be attained. Through an analysis of workflows and staff interviews, we have been successful in improving organizational effectiveness, implementing corporate strategies, and addressing workplace conflict. We can also monitor projects to ensure your desired results are being achieved and necessary adjustments are being made.


Carefully written personnel manuals can help improve morale, communicate standards, prevent disagreements, and allow you to spend more time building up your business. By clearly stating your company’s policies, you keep employees informed and provide managers with the support needed to complete their jobs.


Are you struggling with keeping track of quotes, work orders, invoicing, and accounts receivables/payables? Are you faced with service/production bottlenecks or downtime? Let our team help understand the issues and address the root cause. Through decades of process improvements / automations, we have the knowledge to assess, address, and improve your procedures to increase productivity, reduce lead time, optimize inventories, and remove waste.


One of those important tasks that always seems to get pushed to the back burner! Let our team lead / guide your organization through our tried and tested Strategic Planning process that will wake up, re-invigorate, and inspire Westman’s most sceptical entrepreneur out there. Call now to learn more.


The value of strong performance appraisals can no longer be ignored in today’s world of high demands and tight work schedules. A well-written performance appraisal can assist in the identification of performance shortfalls, aid in the determination of salary increases, allow for more informed promotions, assist in training requirements, and provide a formal acknowledgement of strong performances. Appraisals can be simple and effective, but are often overlooked. Through research, West-Can Human Resource Solutions has identified an inexpensive, user-friendly, flexible software package to assist employers with their performance appraisals. Our system allows employers to set the competencies upon which they wish to base their appraisal, and create the text for your review, based on the one-to-five rating you have assigned each competency. This tool allows users in as little as half an hour, to complete legally justifiable, comprehensive reviews, including plans for improvement and goal-setting.

Job Descriptions

A well-written job description is essential in the effective, efficient communication of job requirements to employees. Job descriptions assist in the identification of essential duties and required skills when hiring, communicate expectations to new employees during orientations, and provide valuable information during disciplinary or legal actions. Our job descriptions go beyond the listing of essential duties, expanding upon educational/experience requirements, supervisory responsibilities, physical demands, and the work environment.

Outplacement Services

In situations where downsizing is necessary, West-Can Human Resource Solutions can assist employees in re-establishing themselves in the job market. By assisting affected employees in finding suitable career opportunities with other companies, this service eases the impact of termination and shows remaining employees that you are committed to their welfare. The service includes resume development, interviewing skill assessment, career counseling, and assistance with job sourcing.


West-Can Human Resource Solutions can customize training to meet the needs of your organization. We can provide your organization skills-based training in these and many other areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Time Management
  • Team Building
  • Employee Motivation
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Management
  • Performance Development
  • Board Training
  • Human Resource Management
  • Effective Hiring Practices
  • Succession Planning


We know how small business owners suffer through long hours at the best of times, let alone times of expansion, right-sizing, relocation, or team changes. Offering affordable business review and consulting services that can assist business owners through these difficult changes, or just to improve work-life balance, our team of consultants have lived through it all and are armed with tools / techniques that work.

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