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Our services have been developed to assist employees in achieving their potential. The following is an example of our diverse employee service offering:

To apply for certain opportunities, candidates may require a typing certificate verifying their typing speed and accuracy. West-Can Human Resource Solutions can test your keyboard skills and provide an authorized certificate to present to potential employers. Our tests are computerized, which eliminates any error in the calculation of test results, and are recognized by mutliple employers. The cost for this service is $20, which includes taxes.
Register with West-Can Human Resource Solutions to be placed on our internal system so we can keep you informed of jobs that match your skill sets, education and interests. This service is free and completely confidential. We never release any of your information unless we have confirmed your interest in a specific opportunity. This service is helpful whether you are employed and searching for your next career advancement, or unemployed and looking for interesting new opportunities. Simply follow the link below or send your resume to info@wchrs.com. Once we have your information, we will contact you to further discuss your career interests.

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Active job seekers appreciate constructive feedback on their interview skills. For a fee, West-Can Human Resource Solutions can conduct a mock interview based on the types of jobs you are applying for, or on a specific position that you are preparing for. We take the time to develop the type of situation-based interview questions used in many of today’s interviews. At the end of the interview, we will provide feedback on your answers and suggest how you can improve your interview skills. This process helps develop interview experience and provides input into your interview style.
For a nominal fee, the team at West-Can Human Resource Solutions can provide you with the suggestions necessary to have your resume standout when read by potential employers. Working with numerous employers has given our staff an understanding of what stands out and gets you that interview. Simply make an appointment with West-Can Human Resource Solutions to have your resume critiqued.

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